Callsign Lookup


Callsign Lookup is a simple, small application that allows the amateur radio operator with a dedicated Internet connection (DSL, cable) to quickly access online callsign databases. The program provides you with a small window that you can store in the corner of the screen and quickly access the online database of your choice through your the default web browser. Accessing the online callsign databases can be done easily WITHOUT Callsign Lookup, but the goal is to provide easier accessibility and save a few clicks.

Clicking the radio buttons sets the default online database (saved), but you can use any or all of the provided online callsign databases at any time.The Command key sequence Cmd-' clears the search field. (The search field is not automatically after a search because you may want to search a different online callsign database for the same call.)

Callsign Lookup is freeware. Requires Mac OS X, a web browser and an Internet connection.

The most recent version is Version 1.0

Download  Callsign Lookup

Callsign Lookup is written and copyright (c) 2003 by Steve Muncy, NI5V

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